S.T.I.C was founded in 1997, a year which, if you may recall, shipping was in recession, with oversupply of tonnage, low freight rates and had many similarities to the current shipping market condition.

S.T.I.C’s business purpose in 1997 was to consolidate, internationally, small and mid size shipping companies, under its commercial management and provided them a wide spectrum of shipping products & services, at special discounted prices and rates, based on economies of scale, and secured by providing sufficient guarantees on behalf of its clientele by managing risks effectively, when very few could afford to do these days.

S.T.I.C provided a technology unknown to many, knowledge, information, experience, availed off market commodities, mediated for institutional credit lines, and most important, a certainty of survival.

Similarly, today, in 2022, you might be experiencing and feel that the average small and mid sized shipping company, which is not strongly capitalized, is threatened due to lack of ship finance, high bunker prices, lack of sufficient vessel’s employment opportunities, fierce- throat cutting competition, oversupply of tonnage and again low freight rate levels and low income!

Again in these uncertain times one should think and act, despite his worries and the insecurity he feels, with logic and decisiveness.

Whether you are a Ship owner/Ship manager or Ship operator/Charterer we here at S.T.I.C understand your business, your daily worries and constant battles you give to maintain your status and survive.

What more logical is there, but seeking out the replies and solutions to your or your company’s problems or hardships, by finding the one, reliable source, which has the experience and the technology in providing these solutions effectively?

Don’t misunderstand what we say here as we don’t judge or criticize anyone saying that you are doing things wrong, to the contrary - shipping industry is dominated by some of the finest brains there are around! – but what we question by experience is ‘what you don’t do’, ‘what is the hierarchy of those you do’, ‘how’, ‘who’ and ‘when you do’ and ‘why’ you do what you do!

There are opportunities in each market and it has been proven many times before that, when crisis hits, many go bankrupt and few get richer or some smaller players, with flexible well organized companies, take advantage of the crisis to build up their name and establish themselves with innovation and determination, through alliances, which would add value to their organizations!

“The high performance ship/managers corporations are different. They worry about failure a lot. It makes them pay close attention to what is going on in their market and enter into useful alliances”.