S.T.I.C is in the business of shipping dry bulk and break bulk cargoes around the world since 1997.

S.T.I.C’s track record of performance is first class and some of the largest Shipping Industry leaders are listed within our clientele, among of which; Oldendorff, Ameropa, Koch Fertilisers, Western Bulk, Swiss Singapore Overseas, Pacific Gulf Shipping Company, Cosco, SK Shipping, Ark Shipping, Korea, North China Shipping, STX Panocean, Korea, Alpine International, Ray Metals, International Materials Inc., Boca Raton, are just few to indicatively mention.

While S.T.I.C is not the largest shipping company in the world, we do ship large quantities of dry bulk cargoes yearly. We are well organised and empowered with dedicated, experienced and talented people, in shipping cargoes port to port, working with responsibility 24/7.

S.T.I.C’s dry bulk team is working with owners or operators and charters Handymax, Supramax and up to Cape size vessels of the dry sector for spot, period, project and contracts of affreightment business.

S.T.I.C has sea transportation expertise and strategically located global resources, for shippers, exporters and operators to rely on to deliver their cargo safely, on time and on budget.

S.T.I.C’s Chartering network is comprised of more than 24,000 associated shipping professionals world wide.

S.T.I.C is covering more than 3,500 ports globally and is organized to service nearly any region of the globe, including North Atlantic ocean, the South Atlantic ocean, the North Pacific ocean, the South Pacific ocean and of course, the Indian Ocean.

S.T.I.C’s Chartering, in house, team of experienced professionals is specializing in the transportation of all major bulks including Iron Ore, Manganese Ore, Salt, Gypsum, limestone, Coal, Fertilizers, Cement, Clinker, Steels, Scrap, Bauxites, Alumina, Grains, Rice, Sugar, Logs and break bulk cargoes i.e. bagged rice, bagged sugar, steel coils and project cargoes i.e. windmill turbines, engines, windmill towers, reactors, generators, mining & factory equipments, steel pipes and machinery.

S.T.I.C’s Chartering team utilizes traditional daily negotiation resulted to thorough market knowledge, research and analysis giving our clients the opportunity to benefit from an all-encompassing invaluable broking and consultancy service for optimization of their vessels’ returns on their investments, either on exclusive, or competitive basis.

S.T.I.C Chartering business grows, since it was established in 1997, based on two key operating factors; (1) Reliable Information -acquired through daily hard work- and (2) applied high business contacts ethics.

S.T.I.C also offers to its reputable clientele new building contracts supported by one to three years time charter employment by first class charterers.

S.T.I.C is working all standard forms of voyage and time charter parties such as Gencon, Norgrain, Amwelsh or NYPE and makes proper use of additional clauses for allocating the ship owners and charterers’ rights and responsibilities which are agreed during negotiations.