Ship's Operation/Commercial Management


S.T.I.C is an International Shipping and Trading company with experience, since 1997, in Ship's Operation - Commercial Management and Chartering, for handy max, Supra max and Kamsarmax, dry bulk cargo vessels.

S.T.I.C facilitates the transportation of dry bulk and break bulk commodities by sea, worldwide, port to port, safely and economically.

S.T.I.C is working all standard forms of voyage and time charter parties such as; Gencon, Norgrain, Amwelsh or NYPE and makes proper use of additional clauses for allocating the owners and charterers rights and responsibilities which have been agreed during negotiations.

S.T.I.C has the control of managing day in and day out all operation matters at ports, during loading, discharging prior sailing and while at sea, securing vessels smooth operation by giving explicit voyage instructions to the vessel’s Master, Nominating Port Agents and managing vessels’ running costs effectively.

S.T.I.C provides resourceful Ship Management and Ships Operation services to its esteemed clientele world wide, securing, for its under management vessels, uninterrupted employment at profit making returns, obtained by S.T.I.C’s Strategic Planning, Statistics’ Management Technique and vessels’ targeted port positioning, but most importantly, through its strong alliances, built since 1997, with first class charterers, and brokers alike, around the globe.

S.T.I.C monitors and de codifies the external factors which affect the freight market such as geopolitical and economical crises, oversupply of tonnage in major market centres, aid programmes, port congestion, weather conditions and commodity requirements in developing countries. S.T.I.C’s in house underwriting department is evaluating all these dynamics and manages risks with high standards technology and when is deemed necessary shares parts of these risks with the International Pool, P&I Clubs (Protection & Indemnity) and relevant insurance policies.

The cargoes mainly carried are: Iron ore lumps, Iron ore fines, Urea, Coal, Salt, Sulphur, Nickel ore, Steels, Scrap, Agro products, Bauxites.