Shipowners Trust International Corporation (S.T.I.C) was founded by Mr Anastasios Maraslis, in Delaware, USA, as a ‘buying trust/syndicate’ for marine products and services, on a membership basis, providing to its members – small, medium size fleet Greek interests shipping companies – economies of scale and payment credit lines, only large fleet companies were enjoying at the time (freight market recession).


S.T.I.C’s 49% shares ownership was transferred to USA investors’ interests.


S.T.I.C changed country of registration, from USA to Liberia, and had also registered its Piraeus, Greek office, under the Greek Law 89/’67.

S.T.I.C signed, as contractor, a credit insurance policy, with A+ European Insurer, covering its members’ debts, as a result of a bankruptcy.

S.T.I.C Opened a branch office in Miami, USA.

S.T.I.C entered into an exclusive agreement with TotalFinaElf, for its members’ lubricant supplies.


S.T.I.C expanded its membership base with companies from U.A.E, Syria, Croatia and Lebanon.


S.T.I.C entered into a contract agreement with two shipyards in Tuzla, Turkey, for its members’ vessels ship repairs, dry docking, at discounted prices.


Mr Anastasios Maraslis acquired back the 49% shares from the USA investors-shareholders while the freight market had re bounced to profitability and S.T.I.C changed modus operandi, while closing its office in USA and re inventing itself as its services were not in great need any longer.


S.T.I.C entered in dry bulk commodities Chartering and trading business, with Indian friends-associates who owned iron ore mines.

S.T.I.C entered into a co operation with Spliethoff, Holland as a panel broker fixing their multipurpose vessels for direct charterers, carrying windmills generators and turbines to Spain, France,

S.T.I.C exported and transported with chartered vessels, 480.000 mts Iron Ore Fines cargo from Paradeep and Kandla, India to China.


S.T.I.C exported and transported with chartered vessels, over 1,000,000 mts Iron Ore Fines from Mumbai, Visag, Kandla, Chennai to China.


S.T.I.C exported and transported with chartered vessels, nearly 2,000,000 mts Iron Ore Fines from Goa, Kandla, Mumbai, Vizag, Chennai, Chittagong, Bangladesh to China.


S.T.I.C exported from India to China around 1,200,000 mts Iron Ore Fines, up to October ‘08, time when Lehman Brothers, the 4rth largest investment bank in USA collapsed, engulfing the global financial system, triggering thus the Great Recession. That year many banks withdrew their credit lines affecting S.T.I.C’s iron ore trading business.


S.T.I.C was exclusively fixing two handy-size dry cargo bulk carriers, of Greek interests, carrying agriproducts from the ports of Odessa and Novorossiysk, Ukraine to Damietta and Alexandria, Egypt.


S.T.I.C was given under contract it’s first vessel under commercial management. The handy max M/V ‘MAHA AVANTI’.

until 2012

S.T.I.C commercially managed five geared and one gearless handy max vessels and transported with its managed vessels over 4,000,000 mts various cargoes including Urea, Bauxites, Iron Ore, HBI, Nickel Ore,


All six managed vessels were sold due to the freight recession.

2014 - 2023

S.T.I.C re invented itself by entering into co operation with highly experienced naval architects, surveyors, in key ports globally, and shipyards in China, undertaking vessels’ surveys (H&M/P&I condition, H&M damage, Cargo, P&I Claim surveys, Cargo hold surveys, Drydock/Repair supervision, Pre purchase surveys, Charterers Pre-Hire inspections, Technical investigation and final reporting, Technical consultancy). In parallel its home Dry Bulk Chartering department continues to mediate between close Greek ship owners on semi exclusive basis and direct first class charterers.