S.T.I.C’s Chartering team would be very pleased to provide you with a freight indication for chartering dry bulk and break bulk Cargo Ocean going vessels whether it is for a Handymax, Supramax, Panamax, Kamsarmax or a Cape size, modern, safe, economical and environment friendly vessel.

The International freight market is highly volatile and thus vessels’ freight rates/costs is subject to frequent changes, depending of various factors, including, but not limited, on tonnage availability at the area, the dates tonnage capacity is required, the vessel’s daily running and fixed expenses, the International Economy Trends, the Weather Conditions prevailing at the loading and or discharging port, the political stability, the vessel’s trading route, the commodity type to be carried and its export prevailing prices, ports congestions, what the loading and discharging rates are - which determine the vessel’s waiting and berthing at loading and discharging ports - sanctions if any and many other variances affecting the freight rates decision and sometimes are subject even to daily fluctuations.



In order to provide you - weather a Charterer, a Shipper, a Charterer’s Agent or a Ship Broker – with S.T.I.C’s firm indication please avail a few minutes to provide us with some essential information required from our chartering team to calculate and evaluate the costs of the voyage, port to port and check vessels’ availability and the indicative rates which your commodity can be shipped for.



(Essential Information Required - Print & Complete, then Fax or Email)


1. Account/Charterer’s name: ______________________________________
2. Quantity (circle): Metric tons (+/- 10% MOLOO) -- YES -- NO
Metric tons (+/- 10% MOLOO) --YES -- NO
Metric tons (+/- 5% MOLOO) -- YES -- NO
Metric tons (+/- 5% MOLCHOPT) -- YES -- NO
3. Cargo Type: (circle): In bulk | Pallets | In bags
4. Loading Port(s): (a)                         (b)                        (c)
5. Discharging Port(s): (a)                         (b)                        (c)
6. Loading Rate/port: (a)                         (b)                        (c)
7. Loading Terms (circle): SHINC | FHINC | SHEX | FHEX | SATPMSHEX | OTHER
8. Discharging Rate: (a)                         (b)                        (c)
9. Lay can Dates: From:            /            /            to            /            /           
10. Maximum Vessel’s Age: ________________________________________
11. Circle appropriate: Geared | Grabber | Gearless
12. Loading Port Restrictions (circle): Max L.O.A | Draft
13. Discharging Port Restrictions (circle): Max L.O.A | Draft
14. Expenses: ____ % Address Commission | ____ % Brokerage Commission
15. Ship Broker’s name and contact details __________________________________________
16. Optional Information: Shippers’ Name:______________________________________
Loading Port Plot Number:___________________________
Loading Port Agents & contact details:

(For hiring a vessel for one TCT or for a Short Period Charter you should communicate directly with the management of our chartering department).