• We here at S.T.I.C believe that a company's worth is seriously dependent on its people.


  • Our people are S.T.I.C's most precious asset and for this reason, when discovered, are carefully chosen.


  • S.T.I.C's team is responsible for our company’s profitability, value creation, and is our key competitive advantage in the highly competitive Shipping Industry.


  • At S.T.I.C one's potential is limited only by his talents, ambitions and is solely dependent on the degree of his or her engagement in our company's Strategic Business Plans and Ethics Policy.


  • Working at S.T.I.C, you will gain invaluable experience in a leading-edge technology in Ship's Operations, Chartering and Management, by statistics, with constant training, in vital importance areas, like communications, resourcing, planning, organising, executing and self motivation, empowering yourself with an unfailing technology to excel in any shipping field!


  • S.T.I.C seeks high achievers, enthusiasts, and talented, ethical, self disciplined people, eager to work long hours, from all different shipping backgrounds and nationalities - fluently English speaking and writing is a must –


  • S.T.I.C to create a strong international network of brokers, has developed a special recruitment career plan of independent shipping, experienced, professionals, on a trial six months period, prior eligibility for joining S.T.I.C partnership global expansion scheme.



    Applications for positions in all of our departments are accepted online.

    STEP 1
    The recruiting process is chiefly consisted of receiving a questionnaire form which must be filled with sincerity within 30 minutes of your personal time, uninterrupted, which you will send back to our Human Resources Department for evaluation, together with your Curriculum Vitae and a recent photo.

    STEP 2
    You are required to write an essay with subject: 'Where and how do I see myself in the next ten years, if I could draw an unfailing plan?' which you should send to us also by e mail.

    STEP 3
    After 1 & 2 steps completion as above satisfactory, we arrange a telephone interview for exchanging more information and insights.

    STEP 4
    A meeting in person is scheduled with the President of S.T.I.C for fine details and closing an agreement.