A shipping company wishing to expand its fleet can consider a number of alternative sources of finance. We, here at S.T.I.C help our client to decide which method is the most appropriate, for each case is unique and depends upon the type of company, its existing capital structure, the availability of the different types of finance and the present and projected profitability of the company. 

Various alternatives of Ship Finance available by S.T.I.C: 

  • Bank Loan/Debt finance
  • Private Equity Funds 
  • Asset Management Companies 
  • Project finance 
  • Leasing 
  • Sale-lease back 
  • Refinancing 
  • Total Debt Restructuring 

S.T.I.C, not only assists in finding a keen and suitable for each case capital lender, we also make sure you, the borrower – client, gets the best possible terms, at the shortest timeframes. Our expertise in providing alternative solutions and navigating complex legal issues helps deliver you the best possible outcome.