This Article was Published: 9 / 4 / 2012


We all know that the majority of CP fixtures is on PNC basis.

However we do witness, very often, various 'fixture reports- journals' declaring vessels' fixtures at high hire or freight levels and  - too often -beyond the reality we experience as brokers, owners or charterers and thus most of the times we are getting confused or frustrated - especially in this soft freight market -
This is because these reports/journals are taken -by many - for granted or as being the ultimate and ONLY reliable source for brokers or shipowners or charterers to base their judgement on, for fixing their vessels or cargoes, chasing and striving to achieve the ‘ journals reported levels’.

Like most of the economic papers and journalists  writings influence investors psychology and the ‘market’ itself. However the ‘market’ it is us (brokers, owners, charterers). It has an identity, it is not something impersonal. It is you and me, all of us who fix vessels or cargoes as part of our daily routines.

We, here at S.T.I.C, receive daily various offers for our exclusive fleet or for our exclusive firm Charterers orders and we are indicated rates based on the argument of what these reports-journals reported as being the current market fixtures/rates.

S.T.I.C's general company policy is to doubt, a priori, what is written in such reports and to make our own investigation, queries, through our own channels to check what the AVERAGE markets levels are and what is pragmatic or not, usual or unusual, what is a RECORD FIXTURE or what is a below the average fixture.

But mostly we trust our everyday work and what we have in our hands every minute coming from experience and hard work and negotiations with charterers and owners alike.

Thus, we invite all our shipping colleagues, who wish to share their OWN, CONTROLLED, first hand INFORMATION, which is resulted as a product of YOUR negotiations and eventual fixtures, to ALLY WITH US for useful information exchanges, which will eventually
assist all of us in our everyday work adding CERTAINTY, CONTROL and RESPONSIBILITY to our fixtures at any time.

The above IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE JOURNALS & REPORTS will built an undisputed source of information based on reason and not on sentiment which is so volatile and fragile.

Looking forward to hearing from you with your interest to share your personal experience and information for dry bulk cargoes & vessels fixtures for HANDYMAX & SUPRAMAX size markets worldwide.

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With great deal of thanks for your support and interest.

Sincerely yours,

Anastasios Maraslis


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