This Article was Published: 11 / 4 / 2012


You are also, most possibly, experiencing these days the world wide economic depression, the oversupply of tonnage and the prevailing soft, even poor, freight/hire rates in the Dry Bulk markets and I truly understand you.

This unfortunate, strenuous business environment is beyond your control and there are not many things someone could do to change the market’s downturn course, until ‘the shipping cycle’ is completed.

Although shipping crisis is the common denominator which suppresses, almost all, Shipping companies survival, there are certain actions which when followed and implemented you can be differentiated and compete successfully, where others fail, until the freight market recovers.

In 1997 (the year S.T.I.C was established), a similar soft rates period was hitting the dry bulk cargo vessels, once again.

That shipping crisis was faced by many with introversion, skepticism, despair even, but for others it was clearly an opportunity!

You could also SHIFT YOUR VIEWPOINT TODAY and focus in exploring the opportunities available or creating new ones!

You could easily decide what could be an opportunity or how to take advantage of new ideas -by answering few questions- after that you could plan the course of action which when implemented your vessels will become more competitive in this changing business environment.

In periods of crisis it is not the ‘strongest’ or the ‘bigger’ who survives but the fittest, the one who lasts longer!

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You see, there are certain factors which differentiate YOUR Company’s needs and goals from another’s:

Please advise YES /NO /SOMETIMES / MAYBE as only acceptable replies. However if you feel that you wish to elaborate a question more and provide us more information, please feel free to do so!


1. Do you feel that there are no satisfactory paying cargoes/business opportunities for 
    your vessels this period?


2. Do you think that changing vessels’ trading region you could see a betterment in
    vessels’ income?


3. Do you believe that having access to economies of scale is the only way to cut further
    vessels’ operating expenses or increase earnings?


4. Are you confident that you ‘see’ daily (have control) the whole freight market-
    business opportunities offered?


5. Do you have reliable and trustworthy information of the daily fixtures for each region
    and similar vessels to yours?


6. Does your broker advise you of what the freight levels are from his personal daily
    experience? (Not circulars, reports or press).


7. Has any of your vessels remained in a spot position more than seven days the last
    three months?


8. Do you feel that you are so successful that you wouldn’t change a thing in your
    planning or organizing?


9. Have you ever thought that there must be something else you should do but you don’t
    know what?



Since 1997, we have successfully served and serve, numerous loyal clients, internationally, every day, in many ways!

Our success is attributed to our satisfied clientele and our unstoppable interest and continuous efforts for improving our services to our client’s changing needs and their requirements.

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