This Article was Published: 28 / 6 / 2012
Decisions - Your Ruin or Your Prosperity?


Running a shipping company is difficult, especially in times of crisis.

Shipping can be very profitable. However, the business is cyclical, with periodic overcapacity, where the freight rates competition is cutting throat.

Over the long term, many companies cover their cost of capital but hardly earn a profit.

Our deep understanding of Shipping business, allows us to work collaboratively to achieve success and transfer knowledge on a wide variety of large, complex performance improvement initiatives.

In the next 8-10 years emerging economies will contribute an outsized share of the world GDP growth.

Although we will continue to see economic turbulences, overall the global economy is expected to expand at a 3.6 percent annual rate over the longer term, resulting in world GDP swelling to $90 trillion by 2020. That is 40 percent larger than it is today.

Have you planned for these developments ahead?

Straregic alliances is required now more than ever before!



- Here, at S.T.I.C we understand the unique environment of shipping industry
  and its cyclicality.

S.T.I.C is the optimum choice for clients seeking to achieve results, why we
  enable this success of organizational transformation through collaboration
- by working side by side with our clients - sharing accountability, transferring
  knowledge, ‘tangible’ information and helping transform the culture to
  embrace and sustain lasting change by diagnosing and eliminating weaknesses
  and non productive ‘working habits’.

-A critical part of enhancing the planning process of our clientele is improving
 their overall decision-making capabilities. Left unchecked, subconscious biases
 such as excessive optimism ('dictated' mainly by false unchecked data/info, or
 even influenced by so called 'authorities' and self imposing ‘big names’ - )
 which usually, if not always, undermine a manager’s routine or strategic
 decision-making capabilities.

-We, at S.T.I.C provide our exclusive or semi exclusive clientele with a decision
 making analysis and a perspective on - and a way to mitigate the impact of -
 the biases that are often inherent in our clients’ decision - making processes.

-S.T.I.C’s information harvesting is resulted directly from the shipping ‘battlefield’ through daily hard work and high standards technology applied by our dedicated company’s executives in market analysis and strategic planning.

S.T.I.C's crew is sailing towards new horizons by making new alliances, adding value to its clientele and shaping the future TODAY!

Sincerely yours,

Anastasios Maraslis


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