This Article was Published: 18 / 12 / 2012


We would hereby like to thank you all for subscribing to our articles and your encouraging and kind messages.
In fact, the articles are distributed to all of our lists and have been welcomed and read by most of you, despite their length, which sometimes is rather long, depending the subject. In view of the sheer number of messages we all receive daily we will try to keep the articles
length short for your easier and quickest reading.
For the new readers we here by outline briefly the purpose of our articles which, most of the times, are written by the President and founder of our organisation; Mr. A. Maraslis who's experience in Shipping goes back to the early '80's and his articles have been pubished in many local
and international magazines and news papers.

a) To bring forth market transparency.
b) To reveal and confine false or manipulating and mischievous information/data and their sources.
c) To fight ignorance and bias.
d) To re establish full trust amongst industry professionals, competing ethically - and unrestrained- 
     serving the world trade and the global sea transports effectively and efficiently.
e) To provide useful and practical ideas and tested empirical information.
f)  To Organize empirical data to a practical - market useful - impartial source of information.
>S  -  Seeks Transparency.
>T -  Takes Responsibility.
> -  Inspires.
>C -  Communicates.
In case you wish to add you or add a new e mail address to our lists please advise by return. In case you wish to be deleted from our articles please reply by stating in the subject; ARTICLES-UNSUBSCRIBE and the e mail address you wish us to delete.

Sincerely yours,
Promotion & Marketing Department.


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