This Article was Published: 27 / 2 / 2013


Under the prevailing adversities (tonnage over capacity, world trade and economy in crisis, instability and political upheaval) one has to observe more carefully, to think and base his DECISIONS EMPIRICALLY and NOT ON OPINIONS AND BIAS.
To succeed, one has to re adjust his ‘ideas’ in changes quickly, by constant updating, renewing, re thinking, ANALYTICALLY, prior a decision is made. The rules of the game have changed.
Taking the analytical process is, too often, time consuming but the result is worthwhile the effort, like anything which adds value to your company and your personal ‘assets’ or resources.

There are no quick fixes to succeed, especially in adverse business environments, like the one we are experiencing today!

In good, prosperous freight markets it is easy almost for anyone to make easy money and incur profits. A bad decision is easily forgotten and any losses derived from it are set off by the next voyage’s profitable income returns.
Having said that, as an example, to compare with a highly competitive market, where one bad decision might result in great losses, weakening the company’s cash flow stability and survival.
To make the right decisions one has to be prepared to run the extra mile and get what is required through private research and empirical evidence; otherwise he is risking making bad decisions and being surpassed by his competitors and fail.

EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE is where we, here at S.T.I.C, base our work and decisions, ONLY.

EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE is what we provide to our loyal shipowners clientele.

EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE is what we seek to acquire and require in our researches and observations.

S.T.I.C builds a reliable MUTUAL SOURCE OF EMPIRICAL INFORMATION. The (IDBMFI) INTERNATIONAL DRY BULK MUTUAL FREIGHT INDEX which is not based on bias or opinions but on empirical evidence (cp fixtures) harvested weekly, from the International spot freight market. S.T.I.C information data is not influenced by the paper market of Freight Forward Agreements (Derivatives market) or on expectations.

For more information and how to co participate send your messages at; [email protected] and we will guide you accordingly.

Shipowners Trust International Corporation.


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