This Article was Published: 2 / 4 / 2013


Today, the Shipping World is undergoing, once again, the downturn trend of a shipping cycle.

Usually, In a shipping crisis the freight prevailing rate levels are far too low, for many ship owners, to pay their bank loans and their vessels’ daily running expenses.

Historically, in every shipping crisis, the average shipping company is struggling to survive, by lowering its running expenses and cutting its elastic costs to the bear minimum.

Additionally, in a shipping crisis like this, there are not enough cargoes for the sheer number of vessels, which have been ‘flooding’ the market in the previous good shipping years - new built vessels’ deliveries are still taking place, until today -

It is noteworthy that, the key region which is still ‘alive’ with dry bulk cargo movements, is the Asian region (PG-INDIA-SE ASIA and of course CHINA), the remaining part of the shipping world is sluggish, with very few DRY BULK commodities shipments, not even worth to mention.

Thus, prior we see an improvement in the freight rate levels, there is a need for tonnage capacity correction (many shipping professionals support the idea that the excess tonnage capacity should be laid up and older tonnage to take its toll for scrapping).

In such a critical period, we are experiencing these days, S.T.I.C , with global recognition, for superior dry bulk chartering and ship management services is an ally recognized and chosen by many small - medium size owners (in the number of vessels) for enhancing their presence and access to a qualitative and larger, cargo market share.

S.T.I.C has built an expertise and loyal clientele - the last 16 years- with direct access to more that 200 first class charterers and firm shipments, ranging from 22,000 mts up to 160,000 mts and a fleet of more than 60 modern dry bulk vessels, of similar size.

The list of services offered W/W include: Dry Bulk Chartering (exclusive or competitive), Ship Management, Ship Operation, Ship Finance and Hull & Machinery, P&I Insurance via S.T.I.C group of companies; Marasco Marine Ltd (, S&P brokerage, Bunkering, Crew Manning, Demolition and Iron Ore Trading.

We, here at S.T.I.C aspire to add value to YOUR company with responibility and professionalism.

Please contact us at; [email protected]   for;Chartering Dept.
[email protected]              for;   S& P/Demolition Dept.
[email protected]   for;   Ship Operation/Ship 
                                                                                   Management & Post Fixtures Dept.
[email protected]            for;   General/Admin.Dept.

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