This Article was Published: 24 / 6 / 2014


Almost anyone can realize that he could be better, do things better, have better results - in comparison with his present condition - Almost anyone could recognize that there is always room for improvement, especially nowadays.

The betterment, of any condition, starts the very minute when someone realizes and recognizes that ‘the things’ need to get better and can get better.

And this is feasible just by assuming full responsibility and control of any condition he is in.

By defying his fears of failure and seizing to blame others, his life, his luck, his destiny, the market, his government, God, etc (in other words to seize looking for excuses for continuing to hold his present condition). This means ‘taking full responsibility’.

This way one frees himself from the old and current bonds and liberates himself, his mind, his decision power to create a better future based on full responsibility and a causative stand point of view.

When someone is open minded and decided to change and bring betterment he is focused in discovering new ideas, new alliances, new technologies, and new ways which would serve his new purpose.

One of the major problems these days one has to deal with is Opex which is decisive for a company’s viability in correlation with profitability.

High Opex affect seriously a company’s profitability, especially in a volatile highly antagonistic market, where low freight rates have tremendous impact on a company’s cash flow and profit margins and should be drastically lowered or bettered.

It is a survival matter.

Disregarding- ignoring the necessity doing something about it is an executive’s ‘out point’, it is unethical, it is an omission.

It equals to treason against ones organization and ones executive position.

‘Know how’ and ‘exact technology’ is what is usually missing and thus often decisions under duress, fail.

This is Shipowners Trust International Corp. (S.T.I.C)'s role since 1997.

That is helping and providing an ‘exact technology’ and ‘know how’ to singleton owners up to large fleet owners/managers, Internationally, to better their present condition by risk analysis, risk management, continuous monitoring by statistics, accounting, undertaking with professionalism and responsibility - on outsourcing basis or consultancy basis - what needs to change and improve in the following sectors;

a) Ship Management

b) Commercial Management

c) Ships Operations

d) Chartering

e) Marine & Claims Insurance Management.

f) Alternative Finance

g) S&P

h) Human resource capacity tests and training

i) Accounting.

Please do not hessitate to contact us for discussing, in full confidentiallity, your thoughts and interests for betterment.

Kind regards
Mr. Anastasios Andreas Maraslis


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